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Mr Mael Sobrany

Post:Research student (History)
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I am a first year PhD research student in Contemporary History. My field of research is British racial histories with a focus on racial identity constructions and cultural representations of race. My research addresses themes of diaspora, hybridity, multi-culture, Britishness, colonialism and post-colonialism, racism and race relations, and cultural studies. I have a research background in global racial histories from the 17th century onwards and my current research focusses specifically on British racial histories of the 20th century.

Originally from Portsmouth, I completed my BA in History at London Metropolitan University in 2011 and my MA in Contemporary History at the University of Sussex in 2018.

My thesis analyses cultural representations of mixed-race identity in 1990s Britain. My research addresses BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) identities and representations alongside my primary focus on mixed-race, and analyses these through cultural production and reception in music, film and art. I research the history of jungle, rave culture, the Asian underground and contemporary BAME musical forms with an emphasis on how these modes of cultural production have shaped British racial identities and representations. I research the history of BAME filmmaking and media presence with an emphasis on the growth of black and brown visual cultures. I also research the formations and functionings of multi-racial and multicultural urban environments to provide spatial and localised contexts to British racial histories. 


Research Interests  

  • Mixed-race British histories.
  • BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) British histories.
  • Constructions of racial identities and representations of race in the historical context.
  • The use of music, film and art as cultural production processes in contemporary Britain.
  • History of jungle, rave culture, the Asian underground and contemporary BAME musical forms.
  • History of BAME filmmaking and visual media presence.
  • Histories of diaspora and processes of hybridised British cultures.
  • British multi-culture and multi-racial urban histories.
  • Processes of intercultural and intracultural exchange.
  • British constructions of racism and the history of British race relations.
  • Colonialism, post-colonialism and empire.
  • National identity and Britishness.
  • The roles of gender, sexuality and class in racial identities and representations.



BA History from London Metropolitan University (2011).

MA Contemporary History from the University of Sussex (2018).