Dr Jason Gillespie

Post:Research Fellow (Biochemistry)
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Jason Gillespie graduated from Heriot-Watt University with an MChem in Chemistry (1ST Class honours) followed by a PhD in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland). After a short post-doctoral fellowship at Trinity College Dublin he moved into industry where he has worked in a variety of fields such as catalytic reaction development and process development (Davy Technologies: Johnson-Matthey), organometallic substrate research and development (Epivalence) and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development (Aesica Pharmaceuticals: Consort Medical). Selected research interests have included chiral bidentate bisphosphorus ligand design and asymmetric catalysis, new methodologies for the preparation of p-chiral ferrocenyl bidentate ligands and scalable development of APIs. During his tenure as part of Aesica Pharmaceuticals he was involved in the development of several APIs for preclinical studies, clinical studies and full scale manufacturing.


Research Fellow in Medicinal Chemistry