2017 - pres.       Postdoc with Thomas Nowotny, University of Sussex

2014 - 2017       Postdoc with Kirsitine Krug & Andrew Parker, University of Oxford

2009 - 2014       DPhil in Neuroscience, University of Oxford

2008 - 2009       MSc in Neuroscience, University of Oxford

2004 - 2008       MPhys in Physics, University of Warwick



Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Computational Neuroscience for the EPSRC funded Brains on Board project. In brief, my research focuses on computational models of learning, decision making and multisensory integration in the brains of insects such as the fruit fly, Drosophila Melanogaster, and the honeybee, Apis Mellifera. I am particularly interested in the mechanisms by which biologically constrained neural circuits implement normative principles of computation.

Community and Business

I am a STEM Ambassador in the Sussex region.