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Post:Teaching Fellow in Filmmaking and Script Writing (Media and Film)
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Jeremy is a screenwriter and development executive with 20+ years’ experience in media and higher education working across a broad range of commercial genres. He began his film career reading scripts for Miramax, Working Title and Icon Entertainment. He went on to work in a development role for a number of producers including most recently Omeria Studio Partners and URBNWORX, an entertainment company working across the arts, media and technology to connect multicultural talent with audiences worldwide.

Jeremy's film credits as Head of Development for Omeira Studio Partners include FIRST REFORMED (dir. Paul Schrader) starring Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in January 2019. Ethan Hawke won the award for Best Male Lead at the Independent Spirit Awards in February 2019 for his portrayal of Reverend Ernst Toller in the film. The film was also nominated in the categories Best Feature, Best Director and Best Screenplay.  

"With First Reformed, Schrader – famously, the writer of Taxi Driver, though as a director he’s given us his share of terrific, sometimes underappreciated pictures like Forever Mine and Patty Hearst – has made a fine existential-crisis movie. -- Time (May 2018)
"There are powerhouse movies that knock you for a loop and take weeks to recover from – and then there is Paul Schrader’s First Reformed. Not only is this faith-in-crisis drama one of the legendary writer-director’s most incendiary films ever, it’s one of the year’s very best – a cinematic whirlwind that leaves you both exhilarated and spent. Like the screenplays he wrote for Martin Scorsese (notably Taxi Driver) and the tormented works he’s made about the wages of sin (Hardcore, American Gigolo, The Comfort of Strangers, Auto Focus), Schrader – raised as a strict Calvinist – has never lost his obsession with the war between flesh and spirit. -- Rolling Stone (May 2018)

Jeremy's film credits as a writer include MONTANA (dir. Mo Ali; UK 2014) starring Lars Mikkelsen, Ashley Walters and Michelle Fairely...

"Lars Mikkelsen is super in this violent revenge thriller, doing a Rutger Hauer as a disabled assassin with mad skills. He’s on a vengeful quest for a Balkan war criminal-turned-East End crime lord, while also mentoring teen waif Montana. Leon meets The Karate Kid in the training for a fateful climax, foiling gangsters, corrupt cops and a tough but baffled DCI (Michelle Fairley). All this from a derelict hideaway with suspiciously spectacular London views. Ali pulls out all the stops, even going for a Cronenbergian bathhouse brouhaha, for a tale with more character than the usual Mockney thuggery. -- Empire (December 2014) 

...and BEST LAID PLANS (dir. David Blair; UK 2012) starring Stephen Graham, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Maxine Peake.

 "...well filmed, with a clutch of affecting scenes – a more thoughtful affair than your average Brit fight flick..." -- Time Out (January 2012) 

You can find out more about Jeremy's screenwriting on IMDB.

Jeremy is also the author of two works of fiction both published by Jonathan Cape. The Comfort Zone was first published in 2002. The Smiling Affair was first published in 2005. You can read about Jeremy's fiction at the British Council website.

  “Jeremy consistently proves his ability to spot a strong script, but also his capacity to identify potential in material and to develop and strengthen it accordingly: a diligent, creative and inspiring collaborator.”-- Deepak Sikka (Producer, First Reformed, Moon)
“I have known Jeremy for a number of years, and his abilities as an experienced, talented, creative, story-telling scriptwriter have never been in doubt. He has worked on my last three features in a variety of capacities, and the projects have always benefitted from his talents. His calm personality also helps other writers or directors feel comfortable in front of him, and he can be sure I will use him again in the future.”-- Mark Foligno (Executive Producer, The King’s Speech)





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