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Miss Florence Waruguru Wanjiku

Post:Research student (Law)
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Florence Waruguru is a PhD candidate in the Sussex Law School. Her doctoral research is focused on Criminal law. The working title of Florence Waruguru’s thesis is “Reporting of Victimization by Male Inmates In Kenya as Influenced By Their Conceptualization of Consent: Embu Gk Prison Sample under the supervision of Dr Philip Bremner  and Dr Maria Moscati. Her research seeks to gain a greater understanding of how conceptualization of consent influences victimized male inmates’ willingness to report incidences of sexual assault. The concerns identified in Florence Waruguru’s research are that on one hand, inmates' conception of consent is shaped to interpret encounters that are dependent on their coping with the limitations that come with incarceration. On the other hand, the legal conception on consent is authoritatively based on the social conception which develops from encounters that take place in the free world which is arguably filled with more options required when exercising consent, a luxury too expensive in the prison setting. The thesis contends that fault in respect to underreporting principally lies with the limited understanding on whether there lies a nexus between inmates' conceptualization of consent during prison sex and the legal provisions in respect to consent that adjudicate the line between consensual and coerced sex.

Prior to beginning her PhD in 2017, Florence was an Associate Partner at Fatuma Wanjiku & Co.Advocates in Kenya.


Professional Membership


Law Society of Kenya, LSK 


East Africa Law Society, EALS


University of Sussex Law Society, USLS


Sussex Centre for Human Rights Research







 Doctoral Researcher


Current     -       PhD in Law, University of Sussex

Master in Human Rights Law (LLM), Birkbeck, University of London

Postgraduate Diploma in Law (a Bar qualification), Kenya School of Law

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Moi University, Kenya