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Mr Haozhan Sun

Post:Research student (English)
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I am currently pursuing my PhD at the University of Sussex. I completed my MA at Sussex in 2017.

My research interest is mainly focused on contemporary literature and existentialism. In addition to creative writing, I am also interested in Marxism and the Frankfurt School.

Besides PhD research, I have undertaken many jobs related to literature in China. I was the Executive-Editor of Reader Appreciation: UP. Additionally, I was the Executive Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Minsheng Arts. 

I also serve as a freelance writer for several magazines in China, since I am always enthusiastic and passionate about fiction writing.


PhD researcher in English

Thesis Title: On the Genealogy of Existential Literature from the 19th Century to the Present.

Project DescriptionI will bring texts labelled as "existentialist" into this thesis, which will accommodate Nietzsche’s methodology to build a genealogy. This thesis will examine the original meaning of the very concept in the existential texts in order to reveal its underlying structure, which I contend has deeply shaped people’s common understanding of existentialism. Thereby it will propose,  through the re-examination of existentialism, a potentiality for the rejuvenation of existentialism as a method to tackle our contemporary humanist dilemma.