Photo of Shonali Banerjee

Shonali Banerjee
Doctoral Tutor (Anthropology)


Shonali's research interests include new media in development, ICT4D, philanthropic crowdfunding, corporate social responsibility, the political economy of aid, and private public partnerships (PPP). Regionally, Shonali has conducted research in South and Southeast Asia since 2015. 


Thesis Title: "Intimate Technologies for Development: Microphilanthropy, Crowdfunding Platforms, and NGO Fundraising in India". 

Supervised by: Professor Geert De Neve and Dr. Anke Schwittay 


Conference Papers: 

“Intimate Technologies for Affective Development: How Crowdfunding Platforms Financialize Interpersonal Connections into Non-Profit Donations”. Presented at: Development Studies Association Annual Conference. University of Birmingham, June 2020. 

“Fundraising 2.0: How Digital Crowdfunding Platforms Create Social Capital Between Local NGOs and Individual Donors in India”. Appected for: British Association of South Asian Studies Annual Conference. University of Southampton, April 2020. 

“The Power of Platforms: How Online Crowdfunding Platforms in Connect Local NGOs to Individual Donors in India”. Presented at: 8th PhD Conference on International Development. Institute of Development Studies, September 2019.

"Digitally Divided Fundraising: The Power of Crowdfunding Platforms in Connecting Local NGOs to 'Micro-Philanthropists' in India". Presented at: Development Studies Association Annual Conference. The Open University, June 2019. 

"Crowdfunding Philanthropy: Intersecting Technology and Trust for the Indian NGO Sector". Presented at: Sussex Asia Centre Doctoral Workshop. University of Sussex, March 2019. 

"Crowdfunding Platforms: Market-Driven Philanthropy in The Indian NGO-Sector". Presented at: Development Studies Association Business and Development Study Group. University of Bath, December 2018.