Photo of Sumanas Koulagi

Sumanas Koulagi
Research student (International Development)


Title: Development as Swaraj (Self-rule): Human Prosperity in terms of Peace

Supervisors: Dr. Earl Gammon, Dr. Vinita Damodaran & Dr. Anke Schwittay

The environmental crisis and social inequalities are two increasingly important meta-factors affecting the future development of humanity. It is apparent that the dominant moral political economies (MPEs) like capitalism, communism and socialism are failing to tackle these problems. Consequently there is a need to explore alternative that has potential to minimize environmental crisis as well as social inequality for long lasting peace.

On one hand, the study aims to construct a new MPE called Swaraj inspired by the writings of Mahatma Gandhi and his associate economist J C Kumarappa. On the other hand, it explores khadi sector (hand spun and hand woven cotton textile) in the state of Karnataka, South India to understand the pragmatic ways in which Swaraj could be established.