University of Sussex (2015-present)

BSc in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, and Neuroscience majors

  • Cell Signalling and its applications in diseases and therapeutics (C7118)
  • Biological Chemistry (C7024)
  • Experimental Biochemistry (C1053)
  • Introduction to Metabolism and Pharmacology (C7135)
  • Essential/Academic skills in Life Sciences (C7027 & C7161)
  • Molecular Biology (C7004)
  • Cell Biology (C7141)
  • Clinical Biochemistry (C7020)

MSc in Cancer Cell Biology & in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology 

  • Fundamentals of Cancer Cell Biology (817C8)
  • Topics in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology (802C7)


Imperial College London (2011-2015)

  • MRes in Reproductive Biology
  • MRes in Cancer Biology
  • MRes in Drug Discovery
  • 1st and 2nd year Medical School’ tutorials - Module: ‘Molecules, Cells, Diseases’ 
  • BSc in Surgery and Anesthesia (Module: Oncology)
  • MRes in Clinical Research (Module: Oncology)