Karen teaches two specialist undergraduate options modules:

Sociology of Medicine and Health (2nd Year, 15 credits)

Sociology of Care (3rd Year, 15 credits)

Karen supervises doctoral candidates in areas related to her research interests; 'new' ageing populations, delivery and receipt of care for complex conditions, and more broadly the sociology of health, illness, and gerontology.

Current students:

Anika Baddeley beyond childhood diagnosis of cerebral palsy: constructing identity in the context of bodily attainment in childhood and physical decline in adult life.

Previous students:

2017 Val D’Astous. How and by whom are the current and anticipated future support needs of adults with autism spectrum disorder met?

2016 Eloise Radcliffe. Stroke and self-identity among people of advanced older age: A biographical approach

2015: Rebecca Blackwell. Improving experiences of palliative care in the Emergency Department for older patients, carers and staff using Experience-based Co-design (PhD Nursing, King's College London)

2014: Andreas Xyrichis. The division of labour in day-to-day practice: an ethnographic study of health professional work in intensive care (PhD Nursing, King’s College London)

2011: Amanda Buttery. Cardiac rehabilitation for older people with heart failure. (PhD Gerontology, King’s College London)

2011: Carole Jackson. Unclean: a qualitative study of nurses’ reported infection control behaviours (Doctorate in Healthcare, King’s College London)