Niko wants to enable the realization of flexible and conformal electronic devices such as flexible displays, electronic textiles as well as smart and soft medical implants. Therefore he is working on the simultaneous improvement of the mechanical and electrical properties of oxide thin-film devices, and on the development of electronic circuits on plastic substrates. The fabrication of such flexible electronics will be done inside the school’s clean room.

Some specific research areas are:

  • Electronic devices fabricated on large area plastic substrates.

  • Electrical performance of oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs), in particularly TFTs based on amorphous InGaZnO (IGZO)


  • Mechanical properties of oxide thin film devices, and fabrication of TFTs with optimized bendability


  • Flexible integrated circuits for digital and analog applications based on oxide TFTs


  • Integration of electronics into everyday objects like textiles


  • Stretchable and conformable electronic circuits