My work is about the exercise of power in public office. I seek to explain why and how public officeholders abuse their power - political corruption - particularly in interactions with business. I also analyse the role of laws and institutions in constraining the abuse of office, and am especially interested in self-regulation. 

In terms of political corruption, my research covers lobbying and the revolving door, clientelism, favouritism in public procurement, and corruption in aid spending.

On anti-corruption tools, I work on collective action, transparency and open data, anti-bribery laws, and codes of conduct.

Within these themes, I explore two key interfaces of power relations: that between the state and the private sector; and that between international and domestic actors.


Research Grants:

2017-18 Corruption, Dirty Capital and the London Property Market

British Academy ‘Tackling the UK's International Challenges’ award of £33,295

Co-Investigator (with Dr Colin King and Professor Dan Hough)


2016-17 Curbing Corruption in Development Aid-Funded Procurement

British Academy/DFID grant of £400,000

Co-Investigator (with Dr Olli Hellmann and Dr Mihaly Fazekas)


2014-15 Tackling Corruption through Open Data

DG Home grant of €50,000