I joined the Sussex History Department in September 2014 as lecturer in international and transnational American history. Before coming to Sussex, I was the Mellon Research Fellow in American History at the University of Cambridge and a Bye-Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. I grew up in Southern Germany, where I studied for my first degree. My enthusiasm for American history was kindled by a year spent at the University of Georgia, Athens, USA, as a German Academic Exchange Service North American Studies Fellow. After working in publishing and librarianship I returned to academia and trained as an international historian at University College London under the supervision of Professor Kathleen Burk. 

My main research interest is internationalism and its social, political, economic and legal dimensions from the 1910s to the 1960s. Currently, I am working on a book manuscript on American philanthropy and conceptions of 'the international' in the first half of the twentieth century, a study based on multi-lingual research in European and American archives which examines philanthropic internationalism in a transnational context. I am also affiliated with the Laureate Research Program in International History at the University of Sydney.


Reflecting my diverse research interests, I have co-organised the following international conferences and workshops:



Key Publications

Counter-Imperial Orientalism: Friedrich Berber and the Politics of International Law in Germany and India, 1920s-1960s, Journal of Global History, Vol. 11, No. 1 (March 2016), 113-134.

From Peace Advocacy to International Relations Research: The Transformation of Transatlantic Philanthropic Networks, 1900-1930, in B. Struck, D. Rodogno and J. Vogel, eds., Shaping the Transnational Sphere: Experts, Networks, Issues, 1850-1930 (New York: Berghahn, 2015), 173-195.

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Philanthropy, Peace Research and Revisionist Politics: Rockefeller and Carnegie Support for the Study of International Relations in Weimar Germany, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, Washington D.C., Supplement 5 (2008), 61-79.

Other Publications

Review of Greg Barnhisel, Cold War Modernists, Journal of American Studies 50:4 (2016).

Review of Tim B. Mueller, "The Rockefeller Foundation, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities in the Cold War", Journal of Cold War Studies 15:3 (2013), H-diplo, 26-02-2014.

Roundtable, Mark Mazower, Governing the World, History Workshop Online, 08-10-2013.

Review of Daniel Gorman, The Emergence of International Society in the 1920s, H-Soz-u-Kult, 17-09-2013.

Review of Inderjeet Parmar, Foundations of the American Century. The Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power and Olivier Zunz, Philanthropy in America. A History, H-Soz-u-Kult, 26-02-2013.

Review of Thomas Adam et al., Stifter, Spender und Mäzene. USA und Deutschland im historischen Vergleich, Comparativ 21/5 (2011).

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The Rockefeller Foundation and the Search for International Order, Rockefeller Archive Center Newsletter, 2008, pp. 4,5,27.


Lecturer in American History (International/Transnational)