Photo of Jenny Bosten

Jenny Bosten
Senior Lecturer in Psychology (Psychology)
T: +44 (0)1273 872826


My research interests lie in visual perception, particularly in colour vision, individual differences and spatial information processing.

In colour vision I am interested in visual polymorphisms, their genetic determinants, and minority phenotypes including anomalous trichromacy and tetrachromacy. I am interested in how colour perception may be tuned genetically or developmentally to the colour statistics of natural scenes. 

I use individual differences as a method to explore the connection between different visual traits: correlated differences may imply shared neural resources. I study the genetic determinants of individual differences in basic and more complex visual traits, including stereopsis, motion, contrast sensitivity, colour vision and face perception.

I use a combination of psychophysical and genetic methods to explore the structure, function and biological basis of the human visual system.