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Shammi Kabir
School Tutor (Strategy and Marketing)
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Dr. Paul Gilbert 

Prof. Raminder Kaur Kahlon

PhD Thesis Title:

Kinship, work and mental-health amongst aging self-employed British Bangladeshis in London: A sensory, embodied and audio-visual ethnographic account


Research Interests Include:

o   Social Constructionism of Decent Work, Quality of Work (QoW) and/or Job Quality (JQ) issues

o   Qualitative and Ethnographic Research

o   Video (Audio-Visual) Ethnography; Using Smart Phone and/or Tablet in Social Sciences Rsearch (SSR)

o   Experiences, Perceptions and/or Understanding of Good-Bad Job and Job (in)Security

o   Workers’ Subjective (Psychological) Wellbeing; Work-Related Mental Health and Wellbeing

o   British-Bangladeshi Aging Diaspora / Immigrate Workers

o   Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment Work and Employment Relations (ER)

o   Nonstandard, Atypical, Cntingent and/or Precarious Work and ER

o   Self-Employed Independent Professional (IPro) Workers

o   Freelance and Contracting Work

o   Lived experiences of IPros concerning the IR35 rules, their employment (labour-market) status and wellbeing

o   Gig-Work, Lived Eperiences of Gig-Workers, and the associated issues of JQ, Flexibility and Work-Life Boundary

o   Retail Work and the Quality of Retail Working Lives