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Ms Wenjie Li

Post:Research student (English)
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BURONG 曾不容, which is also known as Wenjie Li from her passport, is a Beijing/Brighton based live art practitioner-researcher and theatre maker. Her work deals with the politics of intimacy, gut feelings and posthuman aesthetics. She has exhibited and performed in the Pratt Gallery (Manhattan), KCAA gallery (Beijing), PSA (Shanghai), G12 Hub (Belgrade), Royal Festival Hall (London), The Yard Theatre (London), Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (London), Exeter Phoenix (Exeter), and various Chinese theatre venues. Currently, Burong is undertaking doctoral research on feminist resistance in live art practices since the 1990s. In particular, her PhD project investigates how materials we think of as ‘sticky’ and viscous broaden the scope of thinking on embodiment, otherness, gender and body politics and generate new ways of conceptualising intersectionality and spectatorship.

Her co-authored book The Happening of the Contemporary Performance Art and a series of interviews with live artists and curators have been published in China (interviewees including Anne Bean, Doris Steinbichler, Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Gavin Butt, Mim King, Marisa Carnesky, Natasha Davis, Vincent Gambini, Richard Dedomenici, Shaun Caton, Zoran Todorović, Something Human and PerformingBorders). She also writes books for children.​


PhD candidate in Drama, Theatre and Performance


2016 M.A. with distinction, (International Performance Research) University of Warwick
Trinity College Dublin & University of Arts in Belgrade
M.A. Thesis: The Politics of Bodily Fluids
Mentor: Dr Silvija Jestrovic, Dr. Nicholas Johnson
2015 M.A., (Performance Studies) New York University
M.A. Project: Beyond Contract: The Performative Dimension of Marriage as Political Act
Mentor: Prof. Karen Shimakawa
2006 B.A, (Chinese Literature) Peking University
B.A. Final Thesis: Femininity and Gender Manufacture
Director: Prof. Xiaoming Chen



2016 Project Coordinator at G12 Hub (Belgrade)

2015 Intern at Live Art Development Agency(London).

2010 Co-producer of The Dongcheng District of Beijing Theatre Festival (Beijing)

2010 Co-producer of The Beijing International Monodrama Festival (Beijing)

2009 Founder of 'Bone Studio' (Beijing).


Performance and exhibition

2019 All the Tea in China: digital conversations, London

2019 Sit and Wait and Be Sweet, EcoFutures Festival, London

2018 Warmth or My Scarf (performance), Transart Communication Festival, Nove Zamky, Slovakia.

2018 Lucky Ping-Pong Dragon Karaoke (cabaret), Migration Matters Festival, Dina, Sheffield.

2018 Living Out of a Suitcase (performance), Women of the World Festival, Southbank Centre, London.

2017 Happening at the Very Moment (installation), Power Station of Art, Shanghai.

2017 Weight of Tears (Theatre). Nanluoguxiang Festival, Penghao Theatre, Beijing. In collaboration with He Xin and Dong Qi.

2017 No Happiness, No Sorrows (performance). Art Garden Festival, C&C No.77 Wangfujing, Beijing. In collaboration with He Li.

2016 Restage Pillow Talk by Marta Jovanovic (performance), Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade.

2016 Medea (installation), One-way Street Library, Beijing.

2015 Happening at the Very Moment (installation), Kong Contemporary Art Agency, Beijing.

2015 Knot (durational performance), The 16th Open International Performance Art Festival, Space Station, 798, Beijing. In collaboration with Shi Ke, Hanbin Deng and Li Yao.

2015 Fragments of Yourself (performance), 39th Performing Franklin Furnace, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York City. In collaboration with Hanbin Deng and Naomi.



2018 Boom! Drum Tower West Theatre, Beijing. Writer.

2017 Who Is Coming to the Fu**ing Dinner, Shortlisted for the Best playscript of World Sinophone Drama Competition for Young Playwrights. Writer.

2016 Shakespeare Inn, Golden Hedgehog college theatre festival, 9 Theater, Beijing. Writer.

2015 Is It Love? Golden Hedgehog college theatre festival, 9 Theater, Beijing. Writer.

2014 Killing Mr.M, Nanluoguxiang Festival, Penghao Theatre. Co-director.

2013 The Lost and The Unaccepted, Beijing Fringe Festival Peking University Hall. Writer and director.  

2013 Extremely Suspenseful Ⅱ: Let Us Do It One More Time, Shanghai Art Drama Center, Shanghai. Writer and co-director.

2013. The Exception and the Rule, Golden Hedgehog college theatre festival, 9 Theatre, Beijing. Set Designer.

2011 Twenty Years after Graduation from College, Oriental Art Centre, Shanghai. Co-director.

2010 Crossover Ⅲ: Intimate friend, or Wife, Dalian People's Culture Club, Dalian. Writer and co-director.

2010 Crossover Ⅱ: The Hero is Upstairs, 9 Theater, Beijing. Writer and co-director.

2009 Crossover Ⅰ: Never Reach Each Other, Peng Hao Theater, Beijing. Writer and co-director.