Autum Term 2019/2020

Department of Engineering & Design Modules

Advanced Electronic Systems (524H1)

Lecture & Lab tbc  4-6 pm Future Technologies Lab



2016-17 Electronic Devices & Circuit Prototyping (H6099) -


Semiconductor devices: diodes, junction transistors, FETs; Simple circuit applications: rectifiers and amplifiers; Component specifications and selection; Use of data sheets and applications notes; Production of circuit diagrams; Circuit simulation; Circuit prototyping; Development and testing; PCB production; Final construction and testing; Project team management; Recording of work; Technical report writing


Autum 2015 Computer System Engineering - 

Computer System Engineering is a 3rd year UG/PG module for students with a strong interest in the area of Computer Science, Electronics Engineering and Robotics. It is expected that students will be familiar with the material on the Embeded Systems and Digital Systems and Microprocessor Design (pre-requisite) courses.