Spring 2019:

School Tutor for for "Innovation for sustainability" module at SPRU

Topics convered: Sustainability framing, System boundary, Sustainability transitions, Policy instruments, Corporate sustainability, Grassroots innovation, Multicriteria mapping



Fall 2018

Seminar for "Democratising Science and Technology" module for SPRU MSc students

Topics convered: Participatory decision making, Multi-criteria mapping, Co-production of science and society, Decolonising knowledge

Technique: Small group discussion, World cafe, short presentations, quiz.


Fall 2017:

Seminar for “Sustainable Development” module for SPRU MSc Students.

Topics covered: Three frames of innovation policy, World in Deep transition, Critiques and advantages of transition theories like multi-level perspective, strategic niche management.

Technique: Small group discussion, question answer session. 


Spring 2016:

Seminars for “Perspectives, Methods and Skills for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies” module for SPRU MSc students.

Topics covered: Qualitative and quantitative research methods

Technique: Brief presentation, facilitated small group discussion and small group activities

Marking and feedback on individual assignments of writing a research proposal for dissertation.