Photo of Saurabh Arora

Saurabh Arora
Senior Lecturer in Technology and Innovation for Development (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)
T: +44 (0)1273 678562


In recent and current research, my focus is on the following substantive issues,

a) the negotiated practice of designing and implementing sustainability standards in global value chains for food and biofuels;

b) challenges posed by historical institutions and unequal relations of power for developing inclusive innovation systems in parts of Africa and Asia; and

c) material consequences of administrative classifications of people (into tribes and castes) and land (as waste or productive) in colonial India.

Much of this research has been and is being carried out in collaboration with many colleagues. Theoretically, this research aims to test if and how conceptual tools and methods from Science Technology and Society studies, particularly from actor-network theory, can be put to work in contexts far removed from the ones in which they were first developed. What constraints do the concepts/methods impress on the analyses? Finally what possibilities are afforded to us as analysts and to the actual sociotechnical situations we study for negotiating with these constraints?