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Post:Associate Tutor (Physics and Astronomy)
Other posts:Research student (Physics and Astronomy)
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Sonali finished her undergraduate at IISER-Kolkata in 2014. Her master’s thesis with Dr Ritesh Singh was on Polymer Quantum Field Theory. She has remained an NTSE fellow from 2007-2009 and a KVPY Scholar from 2009-2014. She was awarded the Perimeter Scholars International Award and was selected among the top 30 students from 500 applicants for the PSI program. Her thesis with Dr Laurent Freidel was on the topic of Metastring Theory. Sonali graduated as the valedictorian of the PSI class of 2015 and was awarded the Chancellors International Research Scholarship for UK and is now pursuing her PhD at the University of Sussex. Sonali is a national level debater, a composer and singer, a voracious reader, spoken-word poet and a blogger.

Her first book of poetry was published by Event Publications in February 2016 and is called "Leaking Ink".

Academic Awards:

1.     2016-2019: Chancellors International Research Scholarship, UK (14000 pounds per annum).

2.     June 2017: Featured Speaker, SOAPBOX SCIENCE BRIGHTON, 2017 sponsored by Doctoral School, University of  Sussex.

3.     May 2017: Best Poster Award: Gravitational Waves in Effective Quantum Gravity at 641th WE-Heraues-Seminar,    Do Blackholes Exist?

4.     June 2015: Valedictorian: Perimeter Scholars International, BATCH OF 2015

4.     2014-2015: Funding: Perimeter Institute, Canada, funding of CAD 33,000.

5.     2009-2014: Funding: KVPY Scholarship, India(Young Scientists Award of Rs 96,000 per year for 5 yrs)

6.     2011: SURF award for Internship at LIGO, Caltech of USD 6000 for 10 weeks.

7.     2007-2009: Funding: NTSE Scholarship, India (National Talent Awards of Rs 6000 per year for 2 yrs)

Conferences Organised:

Current- March 2018: GRADNET Student led conference on Modern aspects in High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Southampton, UK. 


Conferences and Schools Attended:



 3.    Speaker. SCGSC - 2017, Paris, Topic:  “Gravitational Waves in Effective Quantum Gravity”

 4.    Selected for Poster Presentation at 641th WE-Heraues-Seminar on "Do Black Holes Exists? - The Physics and Philosophy of Black Holes”               

 5.    Attended Stephen Hawking 75th Birthday Conference on Gravity and Blackholes at CTC, Cambridge, July 2-5, 2017.                     

Academic Essays: 

 1.  Mohapatra, Sonali: The Quantum Confusion: What to teach?, Submitted for FQXI Essay Contest    2014-2015: How should humanity steer the future?

 2.  Mohapatra, Sonali; Liu, Jesse: Informational Unification of Intelligent Life with Fundamental Physics, Submitted for the FQXI Essay Contest 2016-2017: Wandering Towards a Goal. 



1.     Chancellors International PhD Research Fellow in Physics (Feb 2016-Current)

2.     ATHENA SWAN PhD representative, University of Sussex. (2017)

Teaching Experience:

1.     Assistant Tutor, Theoretical Physics, Second Year, University of Sussex (Current)

2.     Assistant Tutor, TA for maple course, Level 6, University of Sussex. (2016)

3.     Mentor for Physics Undergrads at University of Waterloo. (2014/15)

4.     TA for course on Classical Mechanics, and special relativity (Physics II), IISER-K (2014)

5.     TA for course on Introductory QM and wave mechanics (Physics I), IISER-K (2013)




1. 2014-2015: MS, Theoretical Physics 2015, PSI class of 2014, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada.

2. 2009-2014: MS, Physics 2014, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India.

3. 2009-2014: BS, Physics 2014, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, India. 


1. Author of “Leaking Ink” poetry compilation, 

2. Athena Swan PhD Representative, University of Sussex

3. Founder/Editor of Carved Voices, Literary Magazine.

4. Valedictorian Speaker, Perimeter Institute, Batch of 2015

5. Singer and Speaker, guest Vocalist with Canadian Band, Eccodek.

6. Interviewed by CBC Radio, Canada, episode:  Similes and Science, on the show “Ideas with Paul Kennedy”.

7. Invited Performer at the Brighton Fringe Festival 2017.