Karoline is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy and Course Director of the new online MSc in Energy Policy launching in January 2019. From 2014-2017 she convened the Master level core module 'Introduction to Energy Policy' which is part of the MSc in 'Energy Policy', and which she currently redesigns for online learning. In addition, Karoline is contributing lectures and seminars to other modules, such as a seminar on 'Technological Innovation Systems' to the MSc module 'Governing energy transitions' and an interactive lecture on the 'German energy transition' within the undergraduate elective 'Introduction to energy transitions' which started in TB2 2014/15. She has also co-convened  the MSc module 'Climate Change and Energy Policy' in TB2 2013/14 when joining Sussex.

Karoline also supervises MSc dissertations, and currently co-supervises four PhD students:

- Duncan Edmondson (co-supervision with Florian Kern): Policy mix feedbacks in sustainability transitions: A conceptual framework of policy mix feedbacks in socio-technical systems

- Andrea Smith (co-supervision with Gordon MacKerron): What factors – external and internal - influence a company’s choice of voluntary greenhouse gas mitigation activities?

- Anna Watson (co-supervision with Jim Watson): The political economy of clean electricity innovation organisations: A case study of the US and UK 

- Chantal P. Naidoo (co-supervision with Tim Foxon): A [relative] approach to understanding the role of finance in sustainability transition processes


Successfully completed PhD supervisions:

Nicolette Fox (co-supervision with Sabine Hielscher and Sarah Royston, viva in January 2018): Here Comes the Sun: The evolution of a Prosuming Project within a social housing estate


Future PhD students:

If you are interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary PhD at SPRU which is closely related to my research interests in policy mixes for green innovation and sustainability transitions (in the widest sense) I am very happy to hear from you.