Karoline is a Fellow of The Higher Education Academy and convening the Master level core module 'Introduction to Energy Policy' (started in TB1 2014 as 'Introduction to Energy Policy and Sustainability')  which is part of the MSc in 'Energy Policy for Sustainability'

Karoline has co-convened  the MSc module 'Climate Change and Energy Policy' in TB2 2013/14, and is contributing lectures and seminars to other modules, such as a seminar on 'Technological Innovation Systems' to the MSc module 'Governing energy transitions' and an interactive lecture on the 'German energy transition' within the new undergraduate elective on 'Introduction to energy transitions' which started in TB2 2014/15.

Karoline also supervises MSc dissertations and three PhD students:

- Nicolette Fox (co-supervision with Sabine Hielscher and Sarah Royston)

- Andrea Smith (co-supervision with Gordon MacKerron)

- Duncan Edmondson (co-supervision with Florian Kern).