My research interests are in the area of Behaviour Genetics and Psychopathology. I combine longitudinal, genetically-informative and experimental designs to examine the role of environmental, genetic and developmental factors, and their interplay, in psychopathology (mainly, affective psychopathology). There are three main research themes in my lab:

1. Risk and Resilience

What factors make people more vulnerable to psychopathology and which factors contribute to resilience? What is the role of different factors across life course - from early prenatal period to late adulthood? Are there culture-specific effects of these factors?

2. Biomarkers and Endophenotypes

What are biological and cognitive mechanisms that underlie the link between risk factors and psychopathology? 

3. Health and Ageing

Is children's socio-emotional development associated with mental and physical health and illness across the life course and with ageing (for example, cognitive decline, metabolic and cardio-vascular health)? 

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