Dr Wang's Google Scholar Profile

I have applied my expertise to solve a range of engineering problems, including: non-linear metal forming analysis, thermal stress analysis, biomimetic applications, medical implant design and analysis.

Research Theme 1: Orthopaedic Implant Design and Analysis

Hip Resurfacing Component. I worked on the analysis of a hip resurfacing component, in collaboration with Midland Medical Technologies Ltd and later with Smith & Nephew plc. I also conducted stress and stability analysis of the Birmingham Mid-head Hip Resection implant in proximal femur.

Intramedullary Gamma Nail. I conducted research on optimal design and analysis of an intramedullary nail which is used to treat proximal femur fractures.

Total Knee Replacement. Dynamic analysis of total knee replacement was conducted, a finite element model of total knee replacement - tibia, femur and ligaments - was analysed under gait cycle loading.

Total Hip Replacement. Researched on porous hip implants manufactured using a direct metal laser sintering process.

Research Theme 2: Engineering Mechanics and Finite Element Modelling

Finite Element Programming.  I developed the finite element mesh relocation method and successfully implemented it in FORTRAN, the simulation program is used for transient thermal stress analysis in structures constructed layer-by-layer.

Additive Manufacturing. I proposed a research project on predicting thermal residual stresses in metal components manufactured by direct laser metal sintering process. Thermal distortions in components were successfully modelled and predicted, and the manufacturing parameters that minimise thermal residual stresses were consequently identified.

Sheet Metal Forming Analysis. I undertook research work for the Hadley Group on analysis of sheet metal forming process, UltraSTEEL dimpling process. Worked with Bronx Engineering Ltd on the design and analysis of tension levelling machine for sheet metals.

Engineering Structures. Conducted research on non-linear rotational stiffness of sleeved purlin joints, lightweight structures and buckling analysis of struts. Investigated non-linear behaviour of access covers with Fabweld Steel Products Ltd. Worked on developing a quick assembly pipe fitting system for steel tube pipes with CMT Engineering Ltd.

Acoustic and Heat Transfer Analysis. Researched and simulated on thermal and acoustic analysis of steel struts in building partition walls. Conducted simulation for the improvement of decorative gas fire efficiency with Charlton & Jenrick Ltd.