Dr Hannah Mason-Bish

Post:Lecturer In Sociology And Criminology (Sociology)

Telephone numbers
UK:01273 678290
International:+44 1273 678290

Research expertise:
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My role at Sussex combines my two passions of criminology and gender studies. My research interests focus on the development of hate crime policy, with a particular focus on gender-related violence and street harassment. Additionally my work looks at how social problems are constructed and how groups of victims are defined and given policy attention. 

I am a criminologist and completed my BA (hons) History and Sociology, MA Criminology, MA Sociological Research and PhD Criminology at the University of Essex. I have taught at higher education level for over thirteen years on subjects including research methods, victimology, the criminal justice system and criminological theory. My current teaching includings Understanding the Criminal Justice System; Victims of Crime and Society; Crimes of Hate and Violence and supervising Sociology/Criminology Projects. I also convene the MA Gender Studies from Spring 2018 and supervise MA dissertations. 

My current research is looking at the incluson of misogyny/gender hostility within hate crime provisions. I recently completed a research project with Dr Marian Duggan (University of Kent) looking at victim perceptions of gender within hate crime policy and previously carried out research with Dr Aisha Gill (University of Roehampton) examining the views of NGO's and women's organisations about the policy implications of seeing violence against women as a hate crime. I also co-convened a study visit for the Danish Institute of Human Rights to discuss gender hate in the online sphere (info here).  I have appeared on numerous radio programmes discussing hate crime and provided consultation to a number of media outlets. I recently wrote a blog about the misogyny hate crime provisions (here).


Current writing/research projects include:

-gender and intersectionality in hate crime victimisation

-methodological issues when researching "elites"

-the social construction of Muslim women and how that influences policy


Recent Publications:

Mason-Bish, H and Zempi, I (2018 in press) Misogyny, Racism, and Islamophobia: Street Harassment at the Intersections, Feminist Criminology.

Mason-Bish, H. (2018) The elite delusion: reflexivity, identity and positionality in qualitative research, Qualitative Research.

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Mason-Bish, H. (2010) "Future Challenges for Hate Crime Policy", in Chakraborti, N. (ed) Hate Crime: Concepts, Causes, Controversies, Willan, pp58-78.

Book Reviews:

Mason-Bish, H. (2015) "Preventing the emotional abuse and neglect of people with intellectual disability", Disability and Society, Volume 30, Issue 9, October 2015, pp1448-1450.

Mason-Bish, H. (2012) "Disabled women and domestic violence: responding to the experiences of survivors", Disability and Society, Volume 27, Issue 6, October 2012, pp 890-892.



Director of Centre for Gender Studies from September 2017

Lecturer in Criminology