Emanuela's specialisation and research interests lie in the area of EU and international environmental law and environmental governance. She is particularly interested in the relationship between EU and public international law, and the external dimension of EU environmental policies. Her current research projects focus on the relationship between EU and international law in the environmental field; legal and regulatory strategies to prevent environmental crimes; landscape protection and cultural heritage in international law and within the EU; and, more recently, sustainable consumption. 

She has written extensively on the question of international and EU law on environemntal liability, environmental governance, climate change regulation on the international level and within the EU. Recent publications include:  

Emanuela welcomes PhD supervison in any of the above areas.


Recent presentations at conferences and research seminars:

­Protecting the common good in a pluralistic and multi-layered legal framework: an environmental perspective, paper presented at the workshop Complexity and the Law, University of Sussex, 30th May 2014.

International Law, the EU legal order and the quest for appropriate responses to environmental harm: towards mutual supportiveness?, research paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Law Association, London, 23-24th May 2014.

The Evolution of EU Environmental Legislation and Policy, presented at the first TRANSWORLD Workshop WP4 and WP5, European University Institute, Florence, 9-10th November 2012.

The Role of Law in the Prevention of Environmental Crimes: An international law perspective, paper presented at the Modern Law Review-funded international seminar Linking Green Criminology with Law: A Socio-legal Approach to Environmental Crimes, Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge, 15-16th September 2012