Research Interests

Accounting International Accounting Issues; Earnings Management; Financial Reporting Quality; IFRS; Restatement;

Finance Initial Public Offerings (IPOs); Gold - Precious Metals - Industrial Metals (Commodities); Political Connections; Education of CEOs; Seasoned Equity Offerings (SEOs); Corporate Governance; Executive Compensation; Pension Funds; Bond Issues; Emerging Capital Markets; Dividend Policy; Capital Structure;


Research Grants - Collaborations

1) Professor Gounopoulos has strong collaboration with Vrije University of Amsterdam on projects looking Energy Efficiency

2) With 'Surrey Space Center' on 'Service Oriented Approach to the Procurement and Development of an Active Debris Removal Mission'

3) 'Shipping Finance' in collaboration with Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus


Research Student Supervisions (Completions)

1) Nikos Paltalidis Career: (Lecturer in the University of Durham, UK)                                  

Essays on Applied Financial Econometrics and Financial Networks: Reflections on Systemic Risk, Financial Stability and Tail Risk Management.

2) Hang Pham (Lecturer in the University of Essex, UK)

The Impact of Credit Rating and CEOs Work Experience on Earnings Management and Post Issue Performance of U.S. IPOs 

3) Kostadinos Kallias (Senior Lecturer in the University of Portsmouth, UK) 

Political Connections of New Business Ventures 

4) Antonis Kallias (Senior Lecturer in the University of Portsmouth, UK) 

Managing Uncertainty in the Process of Going Public

5) Aggeliki Samara (Teaching Fellow in the University of Macedonia, Greece)                     

The Implementation of IAS 12 - Income Taxes in Greece: Evidence on Compliance, Value Relevance and Discretionary Use of Deferred Taxation.

6) Ahmad Abdellatif (Senior Lecturer in the University of Cairo)

Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Asymmetric Information: An application to the UK Capital Market

7) Mohammed Shabeeb (Lecturer in the University of South Valley)                        

Equity Incentive, Earnings Management and Corporate Governance: U.K. Evidence.


Research Student Supervisions (in Progress)

1) Chen Huang (Doctoral Level, 3rd Year)

2) Johannes Hoebelt (Doctoral Level, 2nd Year)

- 10 Dissertations (MBA & MSc Level)

3) George Loukopoulos ((Doctoral Level, 2nd Year)


Refereeing for Academic Journals

'Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis', 'Review of Accounting Studies', 'Abacus', 'Annals of Tourism Research', 'Omega', ‘Applied Economics', 'Applied Financial Economics', 'British Journal of Management', 'Annals of Tourism Research', 'Applied Economics', 'Applied Financial Economics', 'Corporate Governance: An International Review' - 'Critical Perspectives in Accounting', 'Emerging Markets, Finance and Trade', 'International Journal of Accounting', 'International Review of Financial Analysis', 'Journal of Banking and Finance, 'Research in International Business and Finance', 'Research of Quantitative Finance and Accounting', 'Small Business Economics', 'Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation'.


Refereeing (Books)

Assigned by European Accounting Association 

1) Ending the Management Illusion: How to Drive Business Results Using the principles of Behavioral Finance, By Hersh Shefrin, McGraw Hill, 2013

2) Behavioral Corporate Finance, McGraw Hill By Hersh Shefrin, 2013