Photo of Annemie Maertens

Annemie Maertens
Senior Lecturer in Economics (Economics)
T: +44 (0)1273 678840


I teach Public Economics – an undergraduate module – in the autumn term of 2017. In this module, we address questions such as: How can we invest in environmental protection? How and who should pay for public parks? How can we encourage people to donate time and money to charities? and How should we structure health care? A unique feature of this module is the 'case study' during which you apply the tools of public, social and behavioral economics to work, sometimes in collaboration with a non-academic partner, on a question of your own interest. A copy of the module handbook (syllabus) can be found here

I encourage undergraduate students who are interested in social and behavioral economics, especially with applications to developing countries, to write their statistics project or undergraduate thesis with me. Most of the topics I supervise entail working with primary data and the integration of quantitative with qualitative methods. I currently supervise the following topics: the determinants of child marriage in India; why do girls drop out of school in India; the effects of adult education on women’s lives in India; changing social networks in Malawi.

I encourage Masters students who are interested in community development, agriculture, education and gender to get in touch with me as well.