Photo of Annemie Maertens

Annemie Maertens
Senior Lecturer in Economics (Economics)
T: +44 (0)1273 678840


I am a applied economist and study poverty in rural communities around the world.

I focus my research on three distinct topics: agricultural technology adoption, investment in education, and aricultural markets. Within these topics, I take a behavioral and social economics approach. I am particularly interested in how people learn about their environment and situation, and how this learning then impacts behaviour. I ask questions such as: how do farmers in developing countries learn from each other and from experts about new agricultural technologies? and how does this learning affect their uptake of these technologies? how do parents learn about the quality of their children? and how does this affect their investment in their education?

I am also interested in social norms within communities, how they develop, and the effects they may have. Within this topic I looked at gender in India and addressed: how do social norms of early marriage affect investment in education of girls and the wellbeing of their offspring later in life? what determines the social norms of marriage, and what are the effects of the extended family norm? and can adult literacy programs targeting women change these social norms?

To answer these questions, I work with secondary data or collect household data, often combined with lab-in-the-field experiments or randomized controlled trials.

See my personal web page for more information on my current research projects.