Photo of Paula Kivimaa

Paula Kivimaa
Senior Research Fellow (SPRU - Science Policy Research Unit)
T: +44 (0)1273 872781


My current research interests include policy analysis from low-carbon innovation and transition perspectives as well as policy complementing approaches to support low-carbon innovation, such as  intermediation and experiments. In particular in my research I focus on innovation and policy development in the context of building energy efficiency as well as energy disruption as a whole. My focus areas include: 

  • policy analysis from innovation and transition perspectives
  • evaluation of climate, energy and transport policies
  • intermediary organisations in transition
  • experiments in socio-technical transitions and governance
  • policy integration and coherence
  • energy and transport sectors

Current projects:

Low Energy Housing Innovations and the Role of Intermediaries (CIED-LEHII), 2015-2017

Smart meter roll-out in the UK - the Dynamics of expectations (CIED-SMART), 2015-2017

Smart Energy Transition - Realizing its potential for sustainable growth for Finland's second century SET, 2015-2017(-2020)

Change in Business Ecosystems for Local Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - Better Energy Services for Consumers (USE), 2015-2018

Intermediaries in the energy transition: The invisible work of creating markets for sustainable energy solutions (TRIPOD), 2015-2019