Photo of Vikrant Shirodkar

Vikrant Shirodkar
Senior Lecturer in International Business (Strategy and Marketing)
T: +44 (0)1273 872798


Research Interests 

Corporate Political Activity and Non-market Strategies: Vikrant is mainly interested in research that examines the determinants and the implications of multinational enterprises' (MNEs') political activities (e.g. lobbying) or social-responsibility activities in their home or host countries. He is also interested in research that examines how MNEs build nonmarket capabilities over time.  

Internationalisation Strategies and Performance: Vikrant is also interested in research that examines how cross-country differences in political and cultural factors affect multinational enterprises' (MNEs') strategies and financial performance. Previously, he was involved in research that examined how a 'regional' focus by firms in the retail sector affects their performance.