Dr Edmunds has published widely including three books: The Left and Israel: Party Policy Change and Internal Democracy (2000); with Bryan S. Turner, Generations, Culture & Society, (2002) and Generational Consciousness, Narrative and Politics (2002) and a range of journal articles and book chapters in: Contemporary Islam, (2009); Ethnicities (2006); the British Journal of Sociology (2005); History, Nationhood and the Question of Britain (2004); The Theory of Social Closure (2004); The Journal of Consumer Culture (2002); Generational Consciousness, Narrative and Politics (2002); Ethnicities (2001); Social Science and Medicine (2001); Twentieth Century British History (2000) and Politics (1998). 

Her research has generated a specific interest in human rights and Islam, in particular, the politics of the hijab in Europe and the rise of claims-making among European Muslims to the ECtHR. She has contributed to media debates, including an article on global generations in Kulturaustausch (IFA) (2009) and on politics among young British Muslims in Guardian online (2008); an item on young Muslims and radicalization on Anglia News (2008) and a review of a book on developments in higher education in the Times Higher Education (2005). Dr Edmunds has extensive teaching experience in politics and sociology, covering classical and contemporary theory as well as substantive issues, especially in the field of development.

Publications include 'The "New" Barbarians: Governmentality, Securitization and Islam in Western Europe' (Contemporary Islam) and 'The Limits of Post-National citizenship: European Muslims, Human Rights and the Hijab' (Ethnic and Racial Studies) and 'Human Rights, Islam and the Failure of Cosmopolitanism' (Ethnicities).

Dr Edmunds has recently published a book entitled ‘Human Rights, Islam and the Failure of Cosmopolitanism’ (Routledge) and is working on a forthcoming book on 'Greedy Elites' (Anthem)  with Alan Shipman and Bryan S. Turner