My particular research and teaching interests fall generally within the areas of land use and environmental regulation, including biodiversity conservation and land access. I pursue these from a broadly socio-legal perspective. I can offer PhD supervision in these areas or any the areas mentioned below.

Much of my research relates to critically scrutinising popular claims made or perceptions held about the operation of the law. My work does this particularly in relation to situations where there may be an under-valuation of public or collectively held interests in decision-making. 

Recent and ongoing examples of my work include

  • evaluation of the legal dimension to measures intended to provide ecological mitigation or compensation following development or damage, and notions of ecological offsetting ('biodiversity offsets'). I am currently involved in a multi-country study of the interaction of species conservation provisions of EU Law and renewable energy projects such as wind farms.
  • enquiry into the concept of stewardship and shared use in property law, through examples which include water rights and access to recreational land such as town or village greens.

Beyond these specialist areas I sustain a general interest in all aspects of environmental law (which i try to put to use as a co-author of Bell and others, Environmental Law, 9th ed, OUp, 2017, see

You can access some of my papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).