Term I:

Work, Employment and Human Resource Management in Context (MSc Human Resource Management)

Comparative Business Systems (MSc International Management)

Term II:


March 2017: Critical Approaches to Management Studies in the UK

(Erasmus Exchange Program Visiting Researcher, Sciences Po Paris Masters in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources)

PhD Supervision:

I am happy to supervise projects with a work and employment element, broadly conceived. Relevant subfields include the sociology of work and the workplace, critical human resource management, international human resource management, international assignments and careers, migrant work, retail sector, skills and training, good vs. bad jobs, high-skilled work, work and identity, organization theory, and in general sociological studies of organizations.


I am currently supervising two PhD students on the following projects:

Ms Alia Noor Roowala (with Dr Mirela Xheneti) “Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Public Policy: A Study of the ‘Newest Generation’ of South Asian Immigrants”

Mr Aaron Gain (with Dr Catherine Will) “Community Interest Companies in the English healthcare sector: a case of ownership giving control to staff and the community or the next stage in new public management?”