My research interests have always been around the organization and experience of work and paid employment. I was first interested in these issues within the context of globalization and within transnational flows. More recently I have become increasingly curious about the corollary of this,  that is, in the way work and employment are embedded in socio-historically specific contexts. So I am interested in the global/local dynamic of work. 

Previously I have carried out research on a range of topics including the following:

-  transnational mobility and MNC employment in the context of mobile telecommunications MNCs in Finland, Sweden and Turkey

- high-skilled MNC employment and the possibilities for the formation of a transnational social class

- the organization and experience of work in UK supermarket retailing

- "foreign multinationals" as employers in Japan and the experiences of women managers in these organizations

I am currently involved in a number of different research projects.

- Under my broader interest in what I call the "heritage economy", in the UK, I am conducting preliminary research into working in the "vintage sector", which I conceptualize as involving skills and labour in the manipulation of the time/space nexus for the generation of trading value, often by micro-businesses, and at the intersection of hobby and business. I have been interviewing a range of workers in vintage for this project, including those in retailing, event organizing, services (eg. hair, music, education), and media.

- In a related project under the "heritage economy" I am beginning to look at the different forms of work and employment in the classic motoring industry, which has seen much growth in popularity but also in financial activity in recent years. In the first stage of this I am working with Dr Rachel Cohen of City University on a study of training in classic car restoration, and inquiring about the meaning attached to working with classic cars and the value of the skills associated with this type of work.

- In an ongoing project I am working with Dr Motoko Howard of Showa Joshi University (Tokyo, Japan) and Dr Chul Chung of Henley Business School about HRM practices and employee perception with a major foreign retailer in Japan.