Our research interests span the breadth of heterocyclic chemistry, developing new methods for the synthesis of heteroaromatic compounds of biological interest and new properties for heterocyclic drugs and natural products, including:

  • Chemical intervention in accelerated ageing in Werner syndrome using heterocyclic inhibitors
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles
  • Synthesis and biological properties of heteroaromatic drugs and clinical candidates
  • Heteroaromatic chemistry of N-heterocycles, including pyridines, pyrimidines, oxazoles, thiazoles, indoles and pyrazoles
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic natural products, including cyclic peptides and the thiopeptide antibiotics
  • Synthesis of phospholipids and deuterium-labelled biomarkers
  • Development of new microwave flow reactor technology for the scale up of transformations in heterocyclic synthesis