Photo of Dimitra Petropoulou

Dimitra Petropoulou
Visiting Senior Research Fellow (Economics)
T: +44 (0)1273 873540


Dimitra's primary research field is International Trade, with additional interest in Industrial Organisation and Political Economy. She has worked in a number of areas including the role of intermediaries in international trade, the political economy of trade policy in non-proportional electoral systems, the impact of and incentives for setting  quality standards in an open economy setting. Her current research is on developing micro-foundations for understanding how durable goods contribute to the volatility of trade flows, the determinants of outward processing exports, the economics of migration in multiple-sibling households and an analysis of EU proposals relating to trade in renewables.

Dimitra's published paper entitled 'A swing-state theory of trade protection in the electoral college' was awarded the Robert Mundell Prize for the best paper published in the Canadian Journal of Economics, in 2013 by ‘young’ authors.