Tanya's teaching is closely connected to her research interests and draws directly on her current research on sex and sexual violation in the criminal law.


  • Criminal Law: this course draws on Tanya's research and teaching experience in substantive criminal law.
  • Justice, Equality and Society: Tanya's teaching on this course focuses on equality issues arising at the intersection of gender and law, particularly criminal law, and includes specialist lectures on Feminism and Intersectionality, Sex Work/Prostitution, and Sexual Violence.


  • Feminism, Law and Society: Tanya provides specialist teaching on Sex, Violence, Gender and Law drawing directly on her current research exploring the legal construction of these concepts.
  • Women and Human Rights: Tanya teaches seminars on gendered violence and global feminist movments, drawing on her research into the 'SlutWalk' protests.
  • Sexual Violence and Hate Crime: Tanya provides specialist seminars on the substantive criminal law and law of evidence relating to sexual offences, and social attitudes to sexual offending and sexual victimization.