My research interests are in the areas of Development Economics, Political Economy, and Economic History. A full list of research papers including downloadable papers are available from my personal webpage


DPhil Students:

Dr. Nouf Alsharif (2013-2017): Oil and Economic Diversification. Current Position: Economic Research Unit, Ministry of Finance, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Nemera Mamo (2013- 2017): Essays on Natural Resources in Africa: Local Economic Development, Multi-ethnic coalitions and Armed Conflict. Current Position: Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London.

Mr. Michael Keller (2014- ongoing): Essays on Natural Resources and Political Fortunes of National Leaders.

Dr. Subhani Keerthiratne (2014- 2017): Economic Consequences of Natural Disasters.

Ms. Maika Maria Schmidt (2016- ongoing): Energy and Poverty.