Photo of Peter Dolton

Peter Dolton
Professor of Economics (Economics)
T: +44 (0)1273 877270


Fields: Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Econometric Evaluation, Health Economics, Economic History

Current Projects: Minimum Wage Effects, Demand for Higher Education, Total Reward and Pensions, Wage Settlements, Wage Rigidity, Teacher Labour Markets, Rate of Return to Education, Intertemporal Labour Supply Elasticity, New Deal for Lone Parents, Childhood Obesity, Trade Unions, Duration Modelling, Attrition and Refreshment Sampling, Partial Idenitification and Bounds, Econometric Identification and Causality, Labour Supply and Working Hours Restrictions, Evaluation of No Child Left Behind, Hawthorne Effects, Teacher Pay and Pupil Academic Performance, Spatial Econometrics, Gender Wage Differences, Wage Effects of Computer Use, Job Search and Matching.