Maya teaches courses in anthropological concepts, medical anthropology, global health and international development. She supervises advanced anthropology undergraduate research dissertations, term papers at Master’s level, and currently provides doctoral supervision to seven Ph.D students working on topics ranging from notions of risk and maternal health, indigenous midwifery and state policy, sexuality and migration, bio-networking in stem cell research, to caste and rights politics inIndia.

  Undergraduate anthropology and interdisciplinary courses taught/teaching include: The Anthropological Imagination; Anthropology of Fertility, Reproductive Health and Social Policy; Issues in Contemporary Anthropology; Kinship, Gender and Social Reproduction; Health and Development; Culture, Knowledge and Power; Religions in their Social Contexts; Feminism and Anthropology; Reproduction, Self and Society; Economic Anthropology

 Postgraduate courses taught in social anthropology, gender studies and development include:Medical Anthropology: Between ethnography and public health; Cultural Understandings of Health and Healing; Anthropology of Childbirth and Reproduction; Economy and Society inSouth Asia; Livelihoods and Development Intervention; Culture, Gender and Identity; Gender and Development 

  Recent dissertations supervised are on topics such as:

Contraception and the reproduction of gender ideologies; The deconstruction and reconstruction of motherhood through surrogacy; Rethinking ‘hegemonic masculinity’ in men’s experiences of infertility and artificial reproduction; Illness narratives and the internet; NGO work on stigma in relation to HIV/Aids and TB inAfrica; Values ascribed to South Asian midwives and their implications for birth outcomes

  Current Doctoral Students

  • Rebecca Ashley, Notions of risk in Icelandic midwifery
  • Rachel Olson, Relocating Childbirth: Understanding the politics of authoritative knowledge, identity and risk in the practice of maternal evacuation in Aboriginal communities inManitoba,Canada
  • Sajida Ally, Sri Lankan migrant domestic workers health, rights and wellbeing
  • Achim Roseman, Experimental Visions: commercialised and science driven forms of experimental stem cell research across Taiwanand MainlandChina
  • Titiksha Shukla, Power and Participation of Dalits in the National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme in Maharashtra,India
  • Bronwen Gillespie, Anaemia and malnutrition in early childhood in the Peruvian Highlands
  • Padmini Iyer, Gender, Sexuality and Schooling: Competing Discourses and Lived Experiences in New Delhi