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After a Bachelor in History and Sociology passed in Geneva (Switzerland) and a Master in Contemporary History passed at the University of Birmingham, I am now doing a PhD in Contemporary History under the supervision of professors Ian Gazeley and Claire Langhamer at the University of Sussex.



'June 1940: A Month as Any Other for the British Home Front?' University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History 16 (2015) pp 53-62


The Magical Treasure Chest and the Endless Treasure Hunt: Mass Observation Topic Collections and Its Primary Sources on Food. Essay for Mass Observation Online website (published November 2014)


 'Better than Words: Expressing Feelings with Food in Mass Observation Wartime Diaries' University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History 14 (2013), pp. 17-24.




Conference papers

SOAS Food Studies Centre Workshop, London (June 2015)

“Food in Narratives: Exploring, Analysing and Presenting Massive Qualitative Data”

International Conference on Food History and Food Studies, European Institut of Food History and Food Studies (IEHCA) Tours, France (March 2015)

"Food, Crisis, Resilience and Resistance: The Case of the Christmas Pudding in Wartime Britain (1939-45)"

June 1940 Conference, University of Sussex (October 2014)

“June 1940, A month like any other for the British Home Front ?”

3rd Global Conference Making Sense of Food, Oxford, UK (September 2014)

“Food, Ritual and Cultural Identity: Preserving Traditions in Wartime Britain 1939-1945”

Women History Network Annual Conference, University of Worcester (September 2014)

“Housewives of the Home Front: Testimonies from Wartime Diaries (1939-1945)”

Invited speaker at the International Augustana Undergraduate Conference and Teaching Workshop, University of Alberta, Canada (April 2014)

“From arousing the interest to reward the efforts: Storyville and the challenge factor”

Social History Society Annual Conference, Newcastle, UK (April 2014)

“The influence of the wartime food situation on the wartime-self construction: a story of desire and self-restraint during WWII”

Dual presentation with Kelly Spring: Food, the Self and the Other: A Two-Part Mass Observation Case Study

2nd Global onference, Making sense of: Food, Athens, Greece (November 2013)

"From eating by necessity to rather do without: Food habits, social class and wartime food situation in Britain'

International Conference on Women’s Histories; University of Sheffield (September 2013)

“Testimony of Women facing Global War: Food, Emotions, Britain and the rest of the world in Mass Observation Archives”

 Chase Conference; University of Sussex (April 2013)

"Better than Words: Expressing Feelings with Foods in Mass Observation Wartime Diaries”

 Social History Society Annual Conference; Leeds (March 2013)

“Mass Observation, war and food consumption: a little taste of middle-class perspective”

 Mass Observation 75th Anniversaries Conference;University of Sussex (July 2012)

"The importance of being contextual: The MO Directive of April 1943 about food, its examination and its surprising results"

 TRASH Cultural studies conference; University of Sussex (September 2012)

When waste was trash: The thrifty 30s and 40s”







Doctoral researcher (4th year) University of Sussex

Associate tutor - University of Sussex

Spring term 2013

Global History 1500-2000 Teaching seminars, marking essays

Associate student - Soas London

Anthropology of Food (Seminaire given by Harry West and Jakob Klein)



Doctoral researcher in Contemporary History looking for the war impact on everyday life (4rd year)

My PhD '“Rationing has not make me like margarine” Second World War, Food Habits and Food Consumption: A Mass Observation Testimony' tackles the impact of Second World War on the diet and eating habits of British Middle-classes and is based mainly on the Mass Observation Archives.


Master in Contemporary History

University of Birmingham (Special subject: The British Home Front) 2011 (with merit)

MA Dissertation:

'Democracy For Whites Only? The Second World War as catalyst for political and social changes for black U. S. citizens: a study of causality and limits'


Bachelor in History and Sociology University of Geneva (Switzerland)  2010 (with merit)

BA dissertation History:

'Health, Diet and Rationing in Britain during Second World War: a blessing in disguise?'

BA dissertation Sociology:

'Social Rejection as Key Factor in PTSD Development: the Vietnam War Experience'




Academic courses


Anthropology of Food (associate student 2014-2015)

Soas University, given by Harry West and Jakob Klein

Social Psychology (August 2013)

By Prof. S.Plous, Wesleyan University, USA



Member of the Centre for the History of War and Society (co-ordination of the meetings)


Associate Member of the SOAS Food Centre


Member of the British Sociological Association (Food Study Group)