Mr Hammed Roohani

Post:Associate Tutor (Business and Management)
Other posts:Research Student (Sussex European Institute)
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Based in SPRU, Hammed’s research interests lie at the wider intersection of international institutions/organizations, states and enterprises where they meet to create, develop and change the global governing infrastructures of international production, trade and investment. His current study addresses cooperation between states and non-state actors for international competition policy arrangements in multilateral, regional and bilateral institutions.  

Over his career, he has worked extensively - as a partner or advisor - on various research and educational projects with public and private agencies (Such as Chambers of Commerce), charities (Mahak Foundation) as well as a number of international institutions including UNDP, World Economic Forum (WEF), UNCTAD, Center for Globalization Studies, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Asian Productivity Organization (APO). 

Before starting a PhD in SPRU, University of Sussex, Hammed had done an MA in Politics and International Relations in University of Warwick, an MBA on International Marketing and an Advanced Degree in Multilateral Trade (WTO) Negotiations. 

He has lectured and ran seminars for a number of PG and UG modules in University of Sussex and Tehran University. These modules include International Monetary and Financial Institutions, International Business Environment, Global Business, Corporate Finance, Managing Change, International Business, Corporate International Finance as well as Marketing Analysis and Financial Strategy. In 2017, he teaches PG Research Methods (758N1) for B&M students in spring and International Business (IS180) in summer for International Summer School.


Associate Tutor in BMEC and PhD candidate at SPRU