Current Teaching 2017/2018


Women and Human Rights (LLM and MA Human Rights, MA Gender) ;

Feminism, Law and Society


Gender Equality

Introduction to Human Rights

Law and Development (Final Year Option)

Justice Equality and Society- (First Year)

Canadian Constitutional Law in Comparative Perspective 

Current Ph.D. Students -

Zainab Nimer Rajab Khashman, ‘An Exploration of Women’s Rights and Related Laws and Islam: A Case study on Jordan in Comparative Perspective’ (Submitted 2017)

Mary Frances Lukera, Promoting Sexual and Repoductive Health Of Sex Workers in Kenya: A Human Rights Approach. 

Ebru Demir,Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Transitional Justice: The Case of Bosnia (

 Completed Ph.D. Students -

Ciara O’Connell, Women’s Reproductive Rights and Reparations For Gender Based Harm in the Inter-American System of Human Rights 2016

Furkan Yildiz, Attempts To Address The Problem of Trafficking of Women At the Bridge Connecting Europe and Asia: The Case of Citizens From the Former Soviet Republics in Turkey- 1992- 2014 - 2016

Nick Beard, Feminist Theory, Gender Mainstreaming and the EU: Examining the Effects of EU Gender Mainstreaming and National Law on Female Asylum Seekers-  2017

Matthew Stamford, ‘The Use of Law in the Destruction of Indigenous Religions in Canada and the United States: A Comparative Perspective’ 40% ( 2012)

Zouhal Avzalshoeva, 'Nobody beats an Obedient Woman': State and Non-state Responses to Violence Against Women in Tajikistan’- 2012

John Jupp, ‘Legal Transplants: Appropriate tools for the reform of Afghanistan's criminal law framework? An Evaluation of the Interim Criminal Procedure Code 2004 and the Counter Narcotics Law 2005’ - 2012 (50%)

Julie Billaud - Malalay's Sisters: Women's Political Participation in Post-War Afghanistan.( 2010)