Research Interests: Gender, Constitutional Law and Governance (particularly human rights and devolution); Feminist Legal Theory; Comparative Law; Law and Society; Law and Development, Post-Colonial Legal Theory, Legal "Orientalism." 

Recent Conference Papers

 3rd April 2012 "Au Pairs and Equality: An Intersectional Approach"- Socio-legal Studies Association, Annual Conference De Montfort University

6-8th February 2012 “Citizenship and Legal Orientalism: The Mediation of women’s Rights claims in Europe” Oecumene –Symposium: Citzenship After Orientalism, ¸International Conference: Opening the Boundaries of Citizenship. Open University, Milton Keynes.

 12 – 14 October 2011 “Exception or Rule? Au Pairs and Gender Equality in the 21st Century” Legal Studies in welfare and EU Market Integration (WELMA) Copenhagen, Au Pairs in Europe (Invited Speaker)

18 June 2011 “Gender Equality and Legal Mobilization in the UK Context” Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Onati - Spain Law, Rights and Social Mobilization in a Multi-level European system (Invited Speaker)

13th April 2011 “Intersectionality and Orientalism: Claims in the European Court of Human Rights” - Socio-legal Studies Association, Annual Conference University of Sussex

18 February 2011 “What is ‘Gender Justice’?” European Institute, Florence, (Re) Designing Global Governance for Gender Justice, (Invited Speaker)

13th September 2010 "Women’s Rights and the Human Rights Act: Ten Years On" at The Human Rights Act Ten Years On, University Of Southhampton, The Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference,

30th June 2010 " Transjudicialism, Amendment, and Constitutional Design: Constitutionalism of Women's Human Rights Norms in the UK" at Comparative Perspectives on Constitutuions: Theory and Practice W G Hart Legal Workshop 2010 Institute advanced Legal Studies, London.

6-8th April 2010 "Mutual Recognition of Cultural Diversity: Legal Pluralism in Britain and Canada in the 21st Century" at  Democracy as a Work in Progress: The Intellectual and Cultural; Dynamic of the Canadian Idea, Murray Edwards College Cambridge, British Association Of Canadian Studies (BACS)

11-13 March 2010 "Transnationalism and Legal Orientalism: The Failure of Intersectional Claims in European Court Of Human Rights." at Intersectionality, Challenging Theory, Reframining Politics, Transforming Movements, UCLA Law School, Critical Race Symposium (CRS).

6-8th November 2009 “Constitutionalism and Judicial Precedent in the UK” at Precedent As a Source of Law, Batumi - The Constiutional Court of Georgia, The European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission) with the Deutsche Gesellscaft Fur Technisie Zusammenarbeit (GTZ).

 8-10 October 2009 "Gender Equality and Legal Mobilisation in the UK Context" (With Professor Sue Millns), at Rights Legal Mobilisation and Political Participation in Europe, Athens, European Science  Foundation  (ESF) Exploratory Workshop.  

10 December 2008 "60 Years After the Declaration: Women's International Human Rights Norms" at W (h)ither Human Rights: 25th Law and Society of Australia and New Zealand Conference, University of Sydney Law School.