I am a theorist and my research is into the quantum mechanical interaction of light and matter. Under this general theme my work can be divided into three fields:

  • Theoretical Quantum Optics:

    Includes decoherence, cavity QED, adiabatic processes, and QIP (quantum information processing).
  • Matter waves and Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC):

    Currently with special interest on how to manipulate cold matter with rf radiation. A recent paper in Nature Communications proposes new methods for making micro-traps with the aim of supporting the development of quantum technologies.
  • Theory of molecular control, femtosecond processes, and wave packet dynamics:

    Using light to control molecular processes.

 A fully funded PhD studentship in the area of Quantum Technology and matter-wave physics available for UK students in September 2019 has been filled. However, a funded place is available for September 2020. Please apply through the University webpage and send me an email when you have completed the application.

A list of recent publications can be found on my publications page.