I am a social and cultural historian of modern Britain, with a particular interest in the histories of sexuality, emotions and religion in the twentieth century. My AHRC funded PhD research used original, oral testimony to examine the sexual experiences of Catholic women in post-war England. This subject served as a prism through which to explore a number of broader processes in the post-1945 period – religious decline or ‘secularisation’, ideas and experiences of sexual liberation, changing attitudes towards and understandings of gender relations and the role of personal memory in historical practice.

Since the completion of my thesis, I have worked as a Research Assistant with Dr. James Baker on the project My Documents: scribing and archiving in the personal computer age, 1990-2007. I am currently working as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with Prof. Claire Langhamer on the project Emotional Labour: Feelings at work in modern England. This research explores the intersection between work and emotion over the last 100 years through life history resources.  


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Associate Tutor