Geonium Chip Technology:

The Geonim Chip is a novel Ion Penning trap technology that my group has invented and is developing at the University of Sussex. As its name indicates, it is a planar Penning trap, fabricated on a chip. The chip is capable of capturing any charged particles, however we currently mainly focus on trapping electrons due to their potential applications in quantum technology. In general cryogenic Penning traps permit a very accurate control of the dynamics of a trapped electron, at the level of inducing and observing quantum jumps between the Fock-states of the trapping potential. The rest gas pressure in cryogenic vacuum chambers amounts to 10^(-16) mbar, thus allowing for a very prolonged capture (many months) of the particles. Furthermore, the continuous Stern-Gerlach effect permits the detection and manipulation of the electron's spin, while the Purcell effect enhances the coherence time of its quantum state. Hence, cryogenic Penning traps are excellent quantum laboratories and trapped electrons have been proposed for implementing a quantum processor, quantum memories and other quantum technology tools.

A single electron in a Penning trap is also known as a geonium atom, as coined by the 1989 Nobel laureate Hans Dehmelt. The geonium atom is an outstanding system for testing the laws of Physics with ultra-high precision. Examples are the measurement of the free electron's g-factor, measured with 10^(-13) relative uncertainty (Harvard) and the proton-to-electron mass ratio with 10^(-10) (Mainz). These, and other advanced conventional Penning trap experiments, invariably employ a big, "room-size", superconducting solenoid. We are aiming at radically changing that concept: we will integrate the trap and the magnetic field source in a single, scalable Geonium Chip. Our chip ion trap has a wide range of potential applications. We are mainly focused on the following: 

- Quantum Technology: single microwave photon detection with trapped electrons.

- Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry.

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Last updated: 17-07-2015