1. Psychopharmacology of Human Memory 

  • The neurochemical bases of memory; the cholinergic model of ageing and dementia
  • The neurochemical and behavioural effects of neuronal nicotinic receptor stimulation in younger and older adults
  • The neurochemical basis of prospective memory (PM)

2.  The role of APOE e4 in cognition across the lifespan

  • The impact of APOE in older adulthood; interaction with cognitive reserve; potential for modulation of impact by behavioural interventions.
  • APOE in younger life: impact on cognitive performance across the lifespan
  • Neural signatures associated with APOEe4 across the lifespan; structural and functional MRI

3. Memory decline and Quality of Life in older adults and people with dementia

  • Longitudinal study of behavioural change in activities of daily living in people with Alzheimer type dementia.                                         
  • The role of exercise in delaying cognitive decline in people with dementia
  • Factors affecting quality of life and living well for people with dementia and their carers:see and


(work supported by grants from the ESRC, NIHR; Alzheimer's Society; Wellcome Trust, BBSRC, MRC, British Academy, PPP Foundation)