Broadly, my research interests lie at the intersection of property and environmental law. My PhD analysed the effect of changing concepts of ownership on our ability to constrain property rights in land and copyright law in the community interest, by reference in particular to notions of stewardship. A collection of essays, edited with Jonathan Griffiths (Queen Mary) and published by Cambridge University Press in 2013, exploresd the relationship between intellectual property and broader, or more traditional, concepts of property.

Currently my interests lie primarily in the areas of agriculture, property law and ecology (continuing my focus on stewardship) but I also have an interest in the relationship between environmental education and the development of Wild Law. Curent projects include a piece (with Professor Malcolm Ross) exploring the use of resilience thinking in developing agricultural policy post-Brexit, one (with Professor Stuart Harrop, Kingston) which examines the relationship between traditional agricultural practices, sustainability and law and a project with the South Downs National Park Authority looking at the impact of leaving the EU on farmers in the region. A future project (with Professor Neil Ravenscroft, Brighton) will explore issues of farmer identity, ecological knowledges and changing structures of landholding in agriculture.



  • H.R.Howe and J. Griffiths (eds.), Concepts of Property in Intellectual Property Law (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

Book chapters:

  • H.R. Howe, 'Property, sustainability and patent law - could the stewardship model facilitate the promotion of green technology?' in Howe and Griffiths (eds.) Concepts of Property in Intellectual Property Law (Cambridge University Press, 2013)


  • H.R. Howe and M.G. Ross, 'Using resilience thinking to support sustainable post-Brexit UK agriculture' [in preparation]
  • S.R. Harrop and H.R. Howe, 'Traditional agricultural practices in England - an analysis of existing protection' [in preparation]
  • H.R. Howe, 'Making Wild Law Work - the significance of 'connection with nature' and education in developing an ecocentric property law' [2017] Journal of Environmental Law
  • H.R. Howe, 'Lockean natural rights and the stewardship model of property' [2013] 3(1) Property Law Review 36-50
  • H.R. Howe, 'Copyright limitations and the stewardship model of property' [2011] 15(2)Intellectual Property Quarterly 183-214 

Briefing papers:

  • H.R. Howe and J. Boddy, 'Children's Experience of Forest School: an exploratory study', 2016

 Conference and workshop papers:

  • Conenction to nature and Forest School: a (wild) legal perspective, The Great Outdoors Conference, Northampton, September 2015
  • 'Connection  to nature and approaches to value: a (wild) legal perspective, Royal Geographical Society Conference, Exeter, September 2015,
  • 'The Medium is the Message: The Legal Response to Claims of Spiritual Possession', 'Staging Illusion: Digital and Cultural Fantasy' Conference, Sussex, December 2011
  • 'Formalities in land and copyright law' at the workshop for 'Concepts of Property in Intellectual Property Law', Sussex, August 2011
  • 'Changing Concepts of Ownership in Land and Copyright', SLSA Conference, SLS, Sussex, April 2011
  • 'The Common Law as Living Archive and the Problematic Commodization of Cultural Documents', 'Siting the Document: The Building of the Archive' Conference, Faculty of Arts, Queen Mary, November 2006


  • HEIF kick-start network grant (with Professor Janet Boddy), 2014
  • ESRC/NCRM bursary, 2015