Photo of Andreas Antoniades

Andreas Antoniades
Senior Lecturer (International Relations)
Key areas: Globalisation, hegemony, discourse, IR/IPE theory, Global Europe, Greece, Ireland
T: +44 (0)1273 872875


Areas of Research and Doctoral Supervision

The current economic crisis, global debt dynamics and politics, the changing European political economy and models of capitalisms, the European debt crisis and the emerging European economic architecture, the IMF programmes in the Eurozone, the changing place of the EU in the global economy, the EU and emerging powers, EU strategic narratives, the EU's foreign economic relations, Greek and Irish political economy.

The phenomenon of hegemony and hegemonic rivalries in the contemporary international system, strategic narratives, the geopolitical and geoeconomic impact of the global economic crisis.

The interplay between discourse, power and institutions in international politics and economics, the interplay between globalisation and national/institutional settings, everyday life and how daily practices produce, reproduce and change global orders.

Broader areas of supervision include: comparative political economy and comparative institutional analysis (with an emphasis on Europe); IR/IPE Theory, Post-structural thinking.